Become an Organizer

Join our community to unlock your greatest asset and welcome paying guests to your event.

How does it work?

Why be an Organizer?


  Who can join?

Anyone can apply to work with us! We work with professional organizers offering events and concert tickets. Once you’re confirmed, we’ll need your personal information or business registration and banking details for payout.

  How and when will I receive my payment?

You can request your payout a day after the event has ended for all your bookings that has been successfully completed. We will deposit the funds directly into your bank account. Getting a portion of your earnings on the day of the event is also available for qualified event organizers.

  What's required to apply?

Working with us is simple! You just need to verify your identity by providing supporting docs. You will also need an active bank account to collect your payouts. It's that simple!

  Does 876 Events allow organizers to scan tickets?

The 876 Events Organizer app allows you to scan tickets using your smartphone or tablet's to check in attendees. Attendees will love check-ins without printed tickets, and you'll be able to move them through lines more quickly.

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